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We also deal with all of the manufactories as listed below

CSL DualCom invented integrated dual signalling back in 1996 and pioneered the move from wired to wireless technology in the electronic security industry. DualCom offers Firetec a simple and reliable product – powered by the complexity and robustness of the DualCom Gemini® Managed Network. Gemini® provides intelligence that enables us to push the innovation boundaries of high-end signalling and offer game-changing services that are the first of their kind in the industry. DualCom is now trusted to protect over 250,000 premises throughout Europe including many major retail brands.

The DualCom GradeShift® Range, the UK’s fastest selling dual signalling system offers Firetec a reliable product that is easy to install on a single hardware platform, for any grade of risk. It provides multiple signalling paths that embrace all available technologies. Our Engineers only need to learn how to install a single piece of signalling hardware regardless of the specifications of the site.

The introduction of the WorldSIM® to the DualCom GradeShift® Range boosted this popularity and reduced false alarms by almost 90%. The WorldSIM® is guided by Gemini® to automatically select the best network so that fewer line faults are sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre, meaning fewer false alarms for installers and end-users.

Our wireless single path signalling options complete the set. DigiAir® is a groundbreaking wireless digital communicator which embraces the long-standing concept of a digi and combines it with the WorldSIM® as standard, removing all call costs.