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Think it could never happen to you?

Every year in the UK thousands of buildings are destroyed by fire. You may be insured for the loss of property and stock but have you ever considered the long term effects on your business in the event of a major fire ?

40% of company never rise out of the ashes, clients disappear because they can not wait for your re-build, business is taken elsewhere.

Enter TextThe Hyfire wire to wireless system offers a convenient yet reliable method for economically extending existing or new hardwired intelligent fire detection systems.  

This system is particularly suitable for areas of high architectural sensitivity or where access is restricted .

The wirefree installation of components offers rapid installation and minimal disturbance to the surroundings.

The Hyfire system is based on a proven protocol and wireless technology derived from the European Security Industry.

Conforming to prEN54.25, the latest European draft standard and operating on the new European Frequency of 868 MHz.

Its two way (bi-directional) communications provides the highest level of transmission security and reliability.

The encrypted signal operates across 7 independent channels, with multidirectional antennae.  Signal corruption and fade are virtually eliminated.

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Hybrid Fire Detection Systems

Addressable Analogue Fire Detection Systems

The Synco AS is an analogue addressable Fire detection & Alarm Control Panel.

Models are available with either no Zonal LEDs or 16 Zonal LED  indicators  with  1 or 2 detection loops.

It can support up to 126 devices for Apollo protocol,  127 devices for Hochiki ESP protocol and 240 devices for the Argus Vega protocol per loop.

Syncro AS also supports  loop-powered sounders, call points  and

I/O modules for all three of the aforementioned protocols.

Any number of devices can be allocated to any zone, ensuring that any system configuration can be easily accommodated.

The Syncro AS control panel offers an extensive list of features and options for controlling and monitoring of plant.  Equipment and sounders can be configured via the Loop Explorer PC configuration program or the front panel controls.

In addition to the EN54-2 options .

We also deal with all of the manufactories as listed below

Serviced Protocol:

They are usually supported by several independent Fire Systems Companies which are in direct competition with each other.  This keeps prices realistic and the service to a high standard, as the end user can move to one of the alterative companies.  

Manufacturers ensure the companies working on their systems are competent engineers and  the protocol is only supplied to them once they have completed a Certificated Technical Training course.